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Quintessential Movies from the Gay (male) Film Canon You Should Know

  1. The Broken Hearts Club — West Hollywood gay softball team learns how to love, the power of friendship and coping with loss (actors include Zach Braff, Andrew Keegan and Dean Cain)
  2. Get Real — gay teen comes out (and being a gay teen means drama will follow)
  3. A Single Man — based on the Isherwood novel, this film follows what it means to be gay in the 1960s and what we do to keep on after tragedy
  4. Latter Days — A promiscuous gay man from California meets a private Mormon and their encounters rearrange both of their lives
  5. Looking for Langston — split film crossing back and forth between 1920s Harlem and 1980s England, this film invites you to explore the ways people express themselves and the places they find comfort
  6. Brokeback Mountain — the life story of two men who meet while sheep ranching 
  7. Milk — biopic about the life of Harvey Milk, S.F. first openly gay elected city official
  8. Shelter — a young man returns home to care for his family, finding companionship in a place least expected
  9. Brother to Brother — taking place during days of the Harlem Renaissance, this film follows a young artist and aging poet 
  10.  Walk on Water —  following the suicide of his wife, an Israeli intelligence agent is assigned to befriend the grandchildren of a Nazi war criminal

3 films on the list that I haven’t seen yet. A notable absence of Gregg Araki films. And I’m not sure what a “private Mormon” is, I mean I thought he was very publicly Mormon. But other than that, pretty solid list.

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i like how cis people act like it would be the worst thing in the world not to assume people’s genders i mean we don’t assume people’s names what if you just met someone and you were like “hey emily” and they were like “thats not my name its megan” and you were like “oh well how was i supposed to know. you look like an emily to me. i guess i can try to call you megan but its gonna be hard because i just see you as such an emily”

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